MedTech Industrial Campus

Where Innovation meets Industry

MedTech Industrial Campus an industrial tool and accelerator to shorten the time-to-market for start-ups and medical devices.

The industrial bridge between start-ups and market.

An Industrial MedTech, DeepTech, and Microsystems Program for the future of medicine.

The MedTech Industrial Campus is at the heart of an international industrial acceleration in microelectronics and MEMS.

It will bring together and federate all the players in the sector, providing them with a prototype development and production environment with 360° support.

MedTech Industrial Campus will reduce the costs, development time, and industrialization of medical devices, thus accelerating their commercialization on a global scale.

Reducing start-ups’ go-to-market time by 40%

The DOLIAM Group created a unique industrial program in Europe aimed at shorting the time‑to-market for medical devices with a unique model based on three crucial and strategic components:

360° consulting support, from idea to market

Tailored services to take entrepreneurs and start-ups to the next level of their development with 360° support, including EDA services (ASIC and energy management),

MedTech Industrial Campus supports start-ups at all levels and secures pre-industrialization phases to encourage the emergence of innovative MedTech/DeepTech companies.

Clean rooms/equipment mutualization plus access to MEMS (microelectronics) technology industrialization

A shared infrastructure model for microelectronics and medical devices.

Access to industrial microelectronics technologies.
The MedTech Industrial Campus includes a new micro‑chip foundry with easy assembly stages, enabling start-ups to develop innovative and complex solutions. Therefore, companies can control the risks linked to protecting their intellectual property and secure their industrialization.

Integrating emerging technologies.
The emergence of new technologies, contributes to the evolution of ever more powerful and high‑performance medical devices. The MedTech Industrial Campus aims to introduce these cutting-edge technologies by providing start‑ups w ith cleanroom environments with specific deposit equipment to develop their innovations.

Access to the latest 3D printing technologies

The latest 3D printing technologies.

Medical devices can today be produced using additive manufacturing while complying with ISO standards for medical applications such as ISO 13485 which is the gold standard. The MedTech Industrial Campus will offer several 3D printing technologies to print medical devices, their components and associated tools, mixing materials, colors and varying stiffness – all in one run.

Promoting scientific research.

Cooperations with research organizations.

The MedTech Industrial Campus aims to serve the innovation of international research in MedtTech technologies as an industrial partner. MedTech Industrial Campus positions itself as the preferred industrial partner to transfer disruptive “DeepTech” technologies developed in research laboratories.

MedTech Industrial Campus also aims to support technological innovation through initial and continuing training in MedTech technologies. Priority will be given to partnerships with universities and engineering schools.

A groundbreaking program for ambitious MedTech entrepreneurs.

Due to the market’s complexity, MedTech companies face industrialization barriers and a lack of resources to bring their innovations to fruition.

Meeting the demand for industrialization in the MedTech sector.

The MedTech Industrial Campus is a powerful industrial tool that will help overcome these difficulties. It is aimed at:
▸ Start-ups with a project to produce MEMS natively or as a complement to the functionalization of an existing medical device;
▸ Active medical device start-ups;
▸ Companies with passive medical devices wishing to functionalize them with microelectronics.

To meet the demand from MedTech companies, the MedTech Industrial Campus will be open to companies at different stages of maturity:
▸ Projects in the incubation phase;
▸ Projects in the R&D phase;
▸ Projects in the industrialization phase.

ARE YOU a start-up with a project to produce MEMS (microelectronics) natively or as a complement to the functionalization of an existing medical device?

ARE YOU an active medical device start-up or a medical device company wishing to functionalize their devices with microelectronics?

IF YOU ARE, then joining the MEDTECH INDUSTRIAL CAMPUS will give you an unrivaled opportunity to:

▸ Reduce time to market from 10 to 7 years;

▸ Develop projects in a technology haven equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies and clean rooms;

▸ Benefit from expert consulting services spanning the entire value chain, including regulatory issues;

▸ Integrate a complete ecosystem and work with the best players in the industry.

A medical and technological revolution is underway.

MedTech Industrial Campus will be an industrial hub for attracting and developing technological innovation for the medicine of tomorrow.

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